What makes a good cyclocross bike? Grit CX spoke to four frame building professionals from both sides of the Atlantic. (June 2016)

Cross-dressing Let’s talk about cross-dressing. No, not that sort of thing, but dressing for cyclocross racing. (Dec 2015)

Exclusively British 40 years of folding bicycles Andrew Ritchie built his first folding bicycle 40 years ago named the Brompton. (January 2016)

Helping IBDs help themselves Fisher Outdoor Leisure's CEO, James Browning, talks about the company's initiatives to help its dealers face the challenges of running an IBD in the 21st century. (February 2016)

Together We Ride has been established to provide an internet shopping channel for independent stores in the cycle trade to operate in. (April 2016)

British Dealer News

Holding out for a hero Six months into his role as general manager of BMW Motorrad UK, Phil Horton sets out his stall for the burgeoning German brand. (May 2015)

Blast off for Rocket Bobs A small, nondescript unit on an industrial estate outside Swindon might not be the first thing people think of when asked where an internally successful business would be based... (May 2015)

Styled for success For London’s motorcycle and scooter riding community, the site at 51 New Kings Road has been supplying riding gear since the early ‘90s. (November 2014)


10 fashion disasters that every true cyclist should avoid Looking slick on the roads? Err, maybe not... (January 2016)

I was a climbing wall virgin ...when is a good time to think clinging to a wall of rock is a sensible pastime? (December 2014)

10 mountain bike inventions that seemed like a good idea at the time Some would say there are too many 'innovations' hailed as the next big thing... (November 2015)

Open Air Business On the Floor From basic marquee floors to temporary helipads, there are many options available... (July 2016)
Road Cycling UK

How to set the correct saddle angle on a road bike Why it's important to get the angle right. (May 2016)

How to use road bike gears ... use them properly and you'll soon by riding much more efficiently. (July 2015)

Five things to consider when buying a handbuilt bike Tempted by a custom frame? (July 2015)

How to choose a cycling helmet If all helmets are designed to meet the same safety standards, why do they vary in price so much? (May 2015)

cycle tech review My tool addiction I have a confession to make. I have a tool addiction. (October 2015)

Where are all the casual cyclists? This week I found myself in the Netherlands for a couple of days, and it was impossible not to notice the amount of people using bicycles... (September 2015)

Darren Crisp: an American in Italy ...what happens when an American decides he’s going to set himself up as a frame builder in rural Italy? (May 2014)

Back Street Heroes Kent Hells Angels’ Family Yard Party ...the Kent Chapter stills put a show on these days. (April 2016)

When is a chopper not a chopper? What happens when you blend a Volvo with Triumph T140? Tim’s chopper that isn’t really is chopper is what… (November 2014)

Desmohog When your last project involved shoehorning an Alfa Romeo car engine into an aftermarket Harley frame, what do you do for your next one? (February 2011)

100% Biker

Brighton Burn Up Fifty years ago, Britain was shocked when hordes of mods and rockers descended on the south coast town of Brighton... (April 2015)

Lack of excess It seems to me that ‘retro’ is an ever changing scene. (November 2014)

On a spring and a prayer Bike design, it’s fairly simple isn’t it? (October 2012)

RK-S ...most of you wouldn’t think training as a barber was the perfect background for someone thinking of knocking up radical customs. (May 2012)

Amrican V magazine

Back in the Bike Shed As London's Bike Shed event continues to grow, is its evolution a good thing or is it moving too far away from its origins? (September 2015)

Sena SHM5 Bluetooth Intercom Headset
Surely a wireless comms system has got to be better than permanently bruised kidneys. (November 2012)

Just a couple of dirty old bikes Motorcycles are cool with celebrities once more. (February/March 2012)

Spyder Man "Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse” (June/July 2010)

CCI 40th Anniversary Bash A former Panzer factory isn’t an obvious Mecca for custom bike builders. (June/July 2010)

Ace Cafe Motorcycle & Custom Show An indoor custom show? With our reputation? What were they thinking? (Apri/May 2010)

Courtesan Now my geography isn’t too good but I’ve seen enough of the Eurovision Song Contest to know that the United Arab Emirates isn’t in Europe... (April/May 2010)

road.cc Starting from a fixed point of view
The story of Hubjub.co.uk (February 2012)
American Motorcycle Dealer American Suspension bringing rocket science to motorcycling Vince Costa is a former motorbike racer, turned rocket test engineer, turned race bike suspension tuner. (February 2007)
International Dealer News Saietta R electric motorcycle I found myself outside an anonymous door in a central London mews, my leathers and helmet on, ready to ride. (October 2012)
The Kneeslider

Chris Barber's Hill Climb Special “board trackers are so 2009 so I’m calling this the ‘30s Hill Climb special.” (January 2010)

Brit Chopper magazine The Stockers' truck Steve Marshall is a man on a mission to live life in a bygone age when men were men and rode proper bikes. (May 2010)